3D LED Night Lights

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  • Sale -29% Mad Fly Essentials 0 With Apple plug Car Auto USB DJ RGB Mini Colorful Music Sound LED USB-C Apple Holiday Party Karaoke Atmosphere Lamp Welcome 5V Ball Laser Light

    USB DJ RGB Mini LED Party Laser Light

    SPECIFICATIONS Transform your car into a vibrant party zone with our Car DJ Lamp! This USB-powered RGB light effortlessly creates an electric atmosphere, pulsating to the beat of your favorite tunes. Watch in awe as this mesmerizing device illuminates your vehicle with vivacious colors, giving it a club-like ambiance on-the-go. Whether you're driving solo or hosting friends, our Party Decor is guaranteed to elevate every journey. Don't miss out on this must-have accessory - rev up the energy and make heads turn wherever you go! Grab yours now and unleash the ultimate party experience. Voltage:5(V) Voltage:12V Types Of:Car DJ Lamp Special Features:Car, Outdoor, Home, KTV Size:41*37(mm) Size:30cm Shell Color:White,Yellow,Green,Blue,Red Power:3(W) Origin:CN(Origin) Model Name:Car DJ welcome Light Model:D6 Material Type:5 Material:PVC Shell And Reflective Cup Cover Main Scope Of Application:Car, Outdoor, Home, KTV Item Weight:0.02kg Item Type:Atmosphere Lamp Item Diameter:4cm External Testing Certification:CE Certification:CE Brand Name:HVIERO USB DJ RGB Mini LED Party Laser Light Car Auto Lamp USB Light DJ RGB Mini Colorful Music Sound Light USB-C Apple Holiday Party Karaoke Atmosphere Lamp Welcome Light Main advantages:Play and insertMini size, easy to useCar / PC / computer / portable battery / mobile phone with USB surfaceColorful mixInteresting and colorfulLED Ambient Light, Decorative Light, Interior Light, Emergency Light, DJ Lightmain feature:Voltage: 5V with USB socket, can be used for cars, trucks and any other music funnny place.Power: 3W.Color: Mixed, RGBPlug and playPackage includes:1Pcs USB LED lightOr 1Pcs Plug

    $1.99 - $4.99

  • Sale -43% 3D LED Jellyfish Kids Room Night Light

    3D LED Jellyfish Kids Room Night Light

    SPECIFICATIONS3D LED Jellyfish Kids Room Night Light - a whimsical addition to any room! This crystal nightlight not only provides a cozy glow but also doubles as a charming decoration. Perfect for gifting to your loved ones on special occasions like Mother's Day or birthdays. Get yours today and brighten up someone's day!"


  • Sale -43%Last stock! Baby White Noise Sound Machine USB Night Light

    Baby White Noise Sound Machine USB Night Light

    5 in stock

    SPECIFICATIONSBring peace and serenity to your baby's sleep with our Baby White Noise Sound Machine! This compact and portable device offers 7-color night light creates a calming ambiance for a restful slumber. Don't miss out on this must-have sleep aid device!

    5 in stock


  • Sale -39% Funny Solar 1-8PC LED Eyeball Fairy Lights

    Funny Solar 1-8PC LED Eyeball Fairy Lights

    SPECIFICATIONSBring some eerie charm to your decorations with the Funny Solar Eyeball Fairy Lights by LEDIT! With their mesmerizing glow, these lights are perfect for setting the mood at parties or adding a playful element to your Halloween festivities. Don't miss out on this unique choice that's bound to impress your guests.

    $16.99 - $155.99

  • Sale -46% Personalized Fitness Gym LED Neon Wall Light

    Personalized Fitness Gym LED Neon Wall Light

    SPECIFICATIONSLight up your life with our exquisite Sport LED Neon Wall Lamp by GXFC LIGHT! Crafted with precision through-carved wooden material in captivating sport designs such as boxing, ice hockey tennis and more - these lamps are guaranteed head-turners in any setting. Boasting adjustable light colors/modes/brightness levels via remote control along with USB power supply mode makes them not only visually stunning but also practical too! Illuminate bedrooms, offices or use them to add flair to holiday decorations - the possibilities are endless. Hurry up – get your own custom neon wall lamp today!


  • Sale -41% Alien Shaped 3D LED Night Light

    Alien Shaped 3D LED Night Light

    SPECIFICATIONSIntroducing our captivating Night Light! Immerse yourself in a world of enchantment with this DIY 3D LED masterpiece. Watch as the mesmerizing hologram lamp projects stunning visual effects, transforming your bedroom into an ethereal haven. Delightful and charming, it's the perfect addition to elevate your décor and create a dreamy ambiance for both kids and adults alike. Let our night light illuminate your imagination while providing soothing illumination to any space. With its magical allure and proven customer satisfaction, you won't want to miss out on this must-have Kids Room Lighting that effortlessly enhances their imagination. Spark joy today with our exquisite Kids Room Decor! Shop now!Type: Night LightShape: DIYIs Bulbs Included: YesOrigin: Mainland ChinaCertification: CCCCertification: ceCertification: CQCCertification: EMCCertification: FCCCertification: GSCertification: LVDCertification: pseCertification: ROHSCertification: SAACertification: ULCertification: VDEPower Source: DCPower Source: Dry BatteryUsage: HOLIDAYWattage: 0-5WModel Number: 3D Hologram LampBody Material: ABSIs Smart Device: noPower Generation: TouchVoltage: 5VIs Batteries Included: NoBattery Type: AAIs Batteries Required: NoItem Type: Night LightsLight Source: LED BulbsChoice: yesAlien 3D Night Light Kids Child Cool Present for Bedroom Decor Cute Birthday Colorful Gift LED Table Lamp Baby Nightlight

    $19.99 - $23.99

  • Sale -40% Brownstone USB Charging Flashlight Torch Lamp - Kids Shop Mad Fly Essentials

    Brownstone USB Charging Flashlight Torch Lamp

    SPECIFICATIONSIntroducing our incredible Rechargeable Battery LED Flashlight! Illuminate your world with this revolutionary USB Charging Flashlight that will leave you in awe. Say goodbye to dull moments and light up your surroundings with the brilliant, energy-efficient LED Bulbs. Experience the power of innovation as this lightweight flashlight mesmerizes you with its bright beam, ensuring a clear path ahead. With its rechargeable battery, never worry about running out of juice again! Join thousands of satisfied customers who have already made it their go-to companion for outdoor adventures or everyday use. Don't miss out - grab yours today and let there be light!Power Source:Rechargeable BatteryBrand Name: LEDPCertification:ceItem Type:Night LightsShape:cartoonPower Generation:SwitchUsage:HOLIDAYBody Material:ABSWattage:6-10WOrigin:Mainland ChinaIs Bulbs Included:NoLight Source:LED BulbsIs Batteries Required:NoIs Batteries Included:YesType:Night LightChoice:yesBrownstone USB Charging Flashlight Torch Lamp• Rechargeable Battery :No need to constantly replace batteries. Simply recharge the lamp using a USB cable.• LED Bulbs :Energy-efficient LED bulbs provide bright and long-lasting illumination.• Cartoon Shape :Cute and adorable cartoon shape adds a playful touch to any room.• 6-10W Wattage :Provides enough light to illuminate a small area without being too bright.Feature:This unique decorative light has bright LED lights, which can be used as standing lights, night lights or installable walldecorations. The torch has 4 different colors: blue, green, yellow and orange.Specification:Size: about 28x 6x 6cm(11.02x 2.36x 2.36inch)Battery: 1200mAhPackage included:1* lamp1* USB charging cable1 * Wallbuckle


  • Sale -39% 2 In 1 Earth Moon 360 USB-LED Planet Projector - Kids Shop Mad Fly Essentials

    2 In 1 Earth Moon 360 USB-LED Planet Projector

    SPECIFICATIONS Transform your living space into a celestial oasis with our 3D LED Night Light. Our innovative Planet Projector Moon Lamp casts enchanting imagery, creating a magical atmosphere perfect for the holiday season and beyond. With its mesmerizing LED Seasonal Decor, this lamp is an absolute must-have to ignite your imagination and elevate any room. Emitting soft, warm light at Wattage: 0-5W, it effortlessly seduces with its charm. Join thousands of happy customers who have already embarked on this dreamy journey – immerse yourself in awe-inspiring galactic scenes and order your very own LED Planet Projector now! Let the night sky come alive right inside your home today.  

    $24.99 - $36.99

  • Sale -40% Minimalist RGB LED Floor Lamp - Mad Fly Essentials

    Minimalist RGB LED Floor Lamp

    SPECIFICATIONS Introducing our fabulous LED Floor Lamp! With its modern minimalist design, this sleek lighting solution adds a touch of elegance to any space. Illuminate your surroundings with the enchanting RGB lights that set the mood perfectly. Crafted for convenience, this lamp comes with a handy remote control, making it easy to switch between colors and adjust the brightness. Boasting an impressive wattage of 11-15W, you can trust its powerful glow to brighten up your room flawlessly. Join countless satisfied customers in experiencing this incredible piece - don't miss out on owning your very own LED Floor Lamp today!


  • Sale -40% Large 3D Gamer Mouse Pad RGB Backlight - Super Deals Mad Fly Essentials

    Large 3D Gamer Mouse Pad RGB Backlight

    SPECIFICATIONS Upgrade your gaming setup with our state-of-the-art RGB Mousepad. Immerse yourself in a symphony of colors, as the vibrant RGB lighting dances beneath your fingertips. Experience ultimate precision and comfort as you glide effortlessly across this smooth, radiation-protected surface. Our mousepad not only elevates your gaming performance but also shields you from harmful radiation for worry-free hours of gameplay. Join thousands of satisfied gamers who have enhanced their experience with our RGB Mousepad and be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. Step up your game today and indulge in an extraordinary adventure! 1.Designed by gamers, great to use for gaming/office work 2.Supports full-sized keyboard with more than enough room for mouse, keyboard3.Low Friction: Smooth Surface For SPEED Anti-slip Rubber base4.Optimized for various mouse sensors and sensitivitiesFeatures【SPACIOUS】 the mouse pad is large enough to accommodate both mouse and keyboard. 【SMOOTH SURFACE】Thick cloth padding allows for optimum speed and accurate control while gaming. 【PREMIUM DESIGN】Featuring an anti-slip rubber base, this pad will not slide while in use.【COMFORT】Extremely comfortable to mouse on, eliminates uneven surfaces.Fits full-sized keyboards.Q1. How many brightness mode ? A1. 2 brightness mode. double click the button can change the brightness.

  • Sale -46% Ultrasonic Led Essential Oil Flame Lamp Aroma Diffuser

    Ultrasonic Led Essential Oil Flame Lamp Aroma Diffuser

    SPECIFICATIONS Introducing our enchanting USB LED Aroma Diffuser, designed to turn your space into a haven of relaxation and bliss. Bathe in the soothing mist discharge that gently engulfs the air, transporting you to a state of peaceful tranquility. Indulge your senses with aromatic fragrances, enveloping your surroundings with an intoxicating aroma that captivates and rejuvenates. This portable diffuser is perfect for use at home or on-the-go, ensuring relaxation is with you wherever you wander. Harness the power of aromatherapy and let this magical device enhance your wellbeing today! Treat yourself or share the opportunity for serenity with loved ones - order now!


  • Sale -39% Kid's Room 3D-LED Bulldozer Truck LED Night Light - Lighting & Bulbs Mad Fly Essentials

    Kid's Room 3D-LED Bulldozer Truck LED Night Light

    SPECIFICATIONS Introducing our mesmerizing 3D LED Night Light, the perfect addition to your tranquil oasis! Crafted with durable acrylic, this stunning lighting masterpiece harnesses the power of intricate design and cutting-edge technology. Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors that dance across your walls, creating an enchanting ambiance like no other. Watch as jaws drop when guests feast their eyes on this captivating beauty! Illuminate your space with style and ignite conversations at every gathering. Transform any room into a dreamy haven today! Limited stock available – order now and elevate your nights to new heights!


  • Sale -39% E26 9.5W UV Purple Black LED Light Bulb - Lighting & Bulbs Mad Fly Essentials

    E26 9.5W UV Purple Black LED Light Bulb

    SPECIFICATIONS Introducing our groundbreaking LED Bulbs: the epitome of lighting innovation. Crafted with precision engineering, these bulbs effortlessly transform any space into a mesmerizing haven of radiance. Emitting a soft, enchanting glow that envelops the room in warmth and tranquility, our LED Bulbs captivate not only your visual senses but also your emotional being—truly an ethereal experience. With their energy-efficiency and longevity verified by countless satisfied customers worldwide, it's time to illuminate your world like never before. Elevate your ambiance today and embrace the illuminating revolution! Upgrade now to our dazzling LED Bulbs for an awe-inspiring luminous journey.Keywords: Innovation

    $17.99 - $19.99

  • Sale -40% 7 / 16 Colored 3D Valentine's Heart Night Light

    7-16 Color 3D Valentine's Heart Night Light

    SPECIFICATIONSIntroducing our LEDIT DIY Lamp - the perfect gift for any occasion! This lamp features a white base and warm light option, creating a cozy ambiance in your room. It's easy to use with its USB power source and no switch design. Imagine the joy on your kids' faces when they receive this as a gift for Easter, Christmas, or their birthday! Add a touch of charm to your bedroom decor with this unique lamp. Get yours now and enjoy the soothing glow it brings! Choose "White Base Warm Light" option today!

    $14.99 - $17.99

  • Sale -39% LED 50W-100W-UV Stage-Blacklight Flood Effect Light - Lighting & Bulbs Mad Fly Essentials

    LED 50W-100W-UV Stage-Blacklight Flood Effect Light

    SPECIFICATIONS Welcome to Mad Fly Store, where we bring you the coolest LED Flood Lights & LED Party Decor for 2023! Introducing our newest addition: the Alien UV Blacklight. Experience a world of vibrant colors and endless entertainment.With a wavelength of 395nm-400nm and security UVA level, this blacklight is completely safe for your skin and eyes. Create an immersive atmosphere with its 120-degree luminescence angle and adjustable lamp body bracket that allows for extensive coverage.Not only does it offer high brightness, but this environmentally friendly blacklight also boasts easy installation and low consumption - saving energy while dazzling your home entertainment space. Take your parties to the next level!Choose from different wattage options (50W / 100W / 150W /150W PRO) depending on your needs, featuring varying numbers of ultra-violet LEDs. No matter which size you select, each one delivers maximum impact while beautifully fitting into any setting.Get ready to light up the night with Alien's UV Blacklights. Unleash your creativity, captivate everyone around you, and turn any event into an unforgettable experience. Don't miss out - grab yours now from Mad Fly Store!​

    $25.99 - $62.99

  • Sale -43% RGB-LED-USB Mini-DJ Disco Laser-Light Projector

    RGB-LED-USB Mini-DJ Disco Laser-Light Projector

    SPECIFICATIONS Introducing our mesmerizing LED Stage Lighting, guaranteed to create an extraordinary stage lighting effect that will dazzle and captivate your audience. Illuminate the stage with vibrant colors and dynamic patterns that will transport them into a whole new world. With cutting-edge technology, our stage lighting offers unparalleled brightness and clarity, setting the perfect mood for any performance or event. Be enchanted by its magical glow and let your imagination run wild. Join countless satisfied customers who have experienced the wonder of our LED Stage Lighting; take center stage today! Transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories – get yours now!

    $49.99 - $87.99

  • Sale -40% Jellyfish LED Neon Night Sign Wall Art Lamp - Lighting & Bulbs Mad Fly Essentials

    Jellyfish LED Neon Night Sign Wall Art Lamp

    SPECIFICATIONSIntroducing our captivating Neon LED Sign collection, that will transform your space into a dazzling wonderland. Our vibrant Neon Lights will add an enchanting ambiance to any occasion, making them perfect for parties and seasonal celebrations alike. Illuminate your surroundings with these eye-catching designs that create an electrifying visual experience. Crafted using top-quality materials, our signs are built to last and emit a mesmerizing glow. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have already transformed their spaces with our remarkable Party Decor and Seasonal Lighting. Don't miss out on turning your dreams into reality - brighten up your world today!Wattage: 0-5WVoltage: 5VUsage: HOLIDAYType: AtmosphereShape: AnimalPower Source: DCPower Generation: SwitchOrigin: Mainland ChinaLight Source: FluorescentItem Type: Night LightsIs Bulbs Included: NoIs Batteries Required: NoIs Batteries Included: NoCertification: CCCBrand Name: LED FAIRYBody Material: ABSJellyfish LED Neon Night Light Sign Wall Art  Lamp Xmas Birthday Gift Wedding Party Lucky Cat Dinosaur Neon Lamp Home Decor Description:New creative modeling jellyfish lights home room layout modeling lights ins wind 5v decorative led neon lights.How to use: USB interfaceStandard:Name: Jellyfish LampMaterial: AS+PVC materialLamp beads: LED light stripProduct size Jelly A :33*21cmJelly B:43*22.5cmFortune Cat :30*30cmDinosaur :30*24cmGuitar :40*19cmWeight: about 430gColor: pink, blue, yellowPackaging: Individually packedPackage list:1*Backplane light neon light

    $68.99 - $124.99

  • Sale -40% Bluetooth Neon RGB-LED Bar Sign - Lighting & Bulbs Mad Fly Essentials

    Bluetooth Neon RGB-LED Bar Sign

    SPECIFICATIONS Transform your space with our Neon Sign USB LED Decoration. With a wattage of 0-5W and voltage of 12V, this 3D LED Night Light creates an enchanting ambiance that will captivate your senses. Imagine the soft, alluring glow casting beautiful shadows on your walls as you unwind in the evening. Perfect for bar decor, it instantly adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Join countless satisfied customers who have already brought their spaces to life with our Neon Sign USB LED Decoration. Elevate your surroundings today and indulge in the magic – order now!

    $34.99 - $90.99

  • Sale -39% RGB LED Floodlight Reflector Outdoor Landscape Lighting

    RGB LED Floodlight Reflector Outdoor Landscape Lighting

    SPECIFICATIONSLight up your outdoor space with the Avanlo RGB LED Floodlight! With its sleek black shell and colorful lighting options, this floodlight is perfect for creating a vibrant atmosphere. Plus, it's easy to install and has a long lifespan of over

    $16.99 - $50.99

  • Sale -39% Smart RGB Ambient LED 3D Pickup Gaming Lights

    Smart RGB Ambient LED 3D Pickup Gaming Lights

    SPECIFICATIONS Enhance your gaming experience with our RGB LED Pickup Light! Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors and atmospheric ambiance. This double-sided light transforms any room into a mesmerizing gaming paradise, perfect for showcasing your unique style. With customizable lighting modes, you can create the ultimate gaming setup that dazzles friends and foes alike. Elevate your home decor by adding these sleek bar lights to highlight your personal space. Take control now and join thousands who have transformed their gaming worlds with our LED Gaming Lighting collection. Upgrade today and conquer the game like never before!

    $32.99 - $36.99

  • Sale -40% Willow 18Colorful 7Mode LED Night Light

    Willow 18Color 7Mode LED Night Light

    SPECIFICATIONS Introducing our enchanting Night Light, designed to add a touch of magic to your Christmas tree. With its mesmerizing 7 Mode LED, this remarkable 3D LED Night Light creates an ambiance that will transport you to a world of wonder. Emitting soft and soothing hues, it illuminates your surroundings like stars twinkling in the night sky. As fellow customers have raved about the astounding visual spectacle, join their club of delighted buyers! Illuminate your festive season with our captivating Night Light today - click 'Buy Now' and let the holiday spirit shine brightly in your home!

    $34.99 - $70.99

  • Sale -48% 3D LED Heart 7 Color Valentine's Night Light

    3D LED Heart 7 Color Valentine's Night Light

    SPECIFICATIONS7 Color Valentine's Night Light! Designed with utmost creativity, it adds an enchanting touch to any space - making it ideal for children's rooms or gifting on birthdays or Christmas celebrations. The acrylic sheet emits vivid lights in seven stunning shades, creating a whimsical atmosphere that sparks joy at first glance! Don't miss out on experiencing pure magic - get yours now by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above!"


  • Sale -41% RGB Fairy String-Garden jellyfish LED Light

    RGB Fairy String-Garden Jellyfish LED Light

    SPECIFICATIONS Introducing our mesmerizing Jellyfish Shape LED Light! Illuminate your space with a whimsical touch that will instantly transport you to an enchanting marine world. The vibrant RGB LED Fairy String Light creates a dazzling display of colors, captivating both kids and adults alike. Set the mood and transform any occasion into a magical experience with our Jellyfish Patio String Light - the perfect addition to parties, weddings, or simply adding ambiance to your backyard. Let these lights dance through the night as they fascinate your friends and family. Bring home this exquisite masterpiece today!


  • Sale -50% Funny Easter Rabbit Carrot LED String Light

    Funny Easter Rabbit Carrot LED String Light

    SPECIFICATIONSElevate your Easter decorations with the delightful Funny Easter Rabbit Carrot LED String Light. Watch as these charming lights bring a warm glow to any space, creating a magical atmosphere that will enchant everyone in attendance. Don't miss out on adding this fun and festive touch to your upcoming events!

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