Resin Silence Euro "Abstract Thinker" Vintage Figurine

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Color: Holding head stripe
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Resin Silence Euro Style Abstract Thinker Statue Abstract Statuettes Mask Sculpture Figurines Office Vintage Home Decor


Material:Resin abstract figure sculpture, a variety of styles to choose from, non-slip wear-resistant bottom, handmade, hand-polished, old crafting method, suitable for Chinese decoration, modern decoration, European decoration, American decoration, can also be used as a friend's gift, birthday gift , Company opening, tea shop decoration, coffee shop decoration, office decoration, etc., enhance the artistic style, so that family life is full of art.

1.The package uses a bubble column, which is very sturdy and impact. 2.resistantThe outer layer uses black packaging bags Or yellow adhesive tape seal Ensure privacy

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6.If the logistics has not updated the new information for a long time, you can directly contact the online customer service to solve it for you. Do not apply for disputes directly. Thank you for your understanding.


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