Pet Dog Leash Hands-Free - Adjustable Control Waist Belt Bungee Harness

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Description: Pet Dog Leash Hands-Free - Adjustable Control Waist Belt Bungee Harness

This item is easy to use, comfortable to wear, great quality with strong material to keep you and your pet safe. Your dog can comfortably run in front of you, or beside you. This waist training dog leash not only allows you to effortlessly run, but also had the unintended consequence of getting pet used to walking/running closer to you, Its really fabulous to be able to go running and have him by your side while your hands are free.
- Color: Black.
- Material: Nylon.
- Waist: Approx. 65-110cm / 26"-43".
- Leash Length: Approx. 78-130cm / 31-51.
- Weight: 215g.
- Can be adjustable.
- Comfortable to grip with quick release and reconnect.
- Obtaining relaxing and comfortable dog walking experience.
- Ultimate quality,strong reusable meterial and stainless steel connector, suitable for dogs between 30-100 lbs.
- Short leash design, to avoid stumble when walking.
Packing list

1* Waist Belt
1* Dog Leash

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