Night 3D Pouring Wine Design LED Lamp Atmosphere Light

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Night 3D Pouring Wine Design LED Lamp Atmosphere Light


Material: ABS

Lamp type: LED source

Voltage: DC5V1A

LED power: 1W/1 0.2W/12

Power supply mode: USB power supply

Light color: Positive white light, colorful, multi-segment light control, can be used to debug light

Switch type:button

Product weight:0.4KG

Product size:236*195*158mm


1. It can control light in multiple sections, and the touch switch can adjust the intensity of light.

2.3D three-dimensional pouring wine lamp design, each lamp has its own unique performance, is Valentine's Day, birthday party, banquet gift lover, send friends creative gifts

3. Beautiful curved tube, suitable for most wine bottles. Different colors of wine bottles map different light, and the atmosphere is different.

4. Low-carbon environmental protection, environmentally friendly ABS plastic as the base, discarded empty wine bottle as a lampshade, a new concept of environmentally friendly fashion.

5. LED light, low power, power saving, USB charging, life expectancy of up to 30,000 hours.

6. Small and unique shape, suitable for a variety of scenes, such as bar bar table lamp, personalized fashion restaurant decoration lamp, living room wine cabinet, study desk, bedside night light, outdoor party night light.

7. Note that only the base is issued, there is no wine bottle!!!

8. LED point light source forms a surface light source to increase the light-emitting area. Anti-glare prevents visual fatigue.

9. Beautiful curved tube for regular bottle caliber.


Due to the different brightness and contrast of your personal display, there may be slight differences between the image and the actual object. Since the measurement method is different and the error is 2 cm, this is an appropriate range.

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