Men Selvedge Denim Indigo Slim-Fit Jeans

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Men Selvedge Indigo Slim Fit Denim Jeans



Men Selvedge Denim Indigo Slim-Fit Jeans        
The color comparison between the black version and the indigo version, the color drop is relatively close to the first two colors
It seems almost black to the naked eye, but the indigo is actually very dark blue.
As the indigo color fades during cattle raising, the color becomes more and more blue.
Knowledge Supplement:The indigo version doesn't smell strange,Black is vulcanized black, belongs to vulcanization dyeing, dyeing process has alkaline sulfide, there is a slight smell is normal phenomenon, washing a few times after the taste will gradually fade away. Inevitably, it cannot be improved. Vulcanized dyed black cattle can raise cattle! Many friends ask why other brands have black jeans that don't taste because that's active dyeing! Active dyeing is not discoloration, can not be used as cattle breeding, just fashion pants.
Men Selvedge Denim Indigo Slim-Fit Jeans
Model height 182CM, weight 75KG picture upper body size W32
Blue version after washing upper body effect
Black upper body effect after washing

I've always wanted to be an entry-level fund that's cheap enough to be acceptable to the public.
And make sure that all kinds of materials can't reduce the grade.
The quality of red-eared fabrics on the market varies from good to bad, and there are many sub-optimal fabrics.
Not all raw cattle can be raised.
The dyeing level of red ear fabric suitable for cattle breeding must be passed.
This results in a fabric price that is not low
Want to buy the original cow cheaply? That's only going to buy a shell.
Reference to the effect of colour drop of raw cattle in our shop
We negotiated with the cloth factory to produce this fine dyed lightweight fabric in large quantities
Then Commission international famous brands to process on behalf of factories, quality assurance production
Requirements for process details are higher and more stringent than those of many well-known brands.
Pressure DENIM of more than 400 grades to retail price of just over 200
So that you can enjoy the quality of 400 at a price of more than 200 yuan.
Really know what's authentic narrow red ear tannin jeans
And it gives you a very good price.
Buy a reliable beef-raising jeans and start to understand what cattle are raised?
No profit, only popularity
In order to meet the needs of the public, it is more convenient to choose zipper.
A very good cattle raising experience for players at the price of a pro-people
High-quality dyeing and technology, sales of 10000 + widely acclaimed pants
According to 6 years production experience of Chier tannin, the fabric is independently designed and developed
For the dyeing process, we are constantly trying to strengthen
Real jeans have very high technological requirements for fabric dyeing.
Make sure the cotton core is white and blue as many times as possible
It also retains the color of indigo dye, and gradually decolorizes as you wear it
In order to form a clear level of effect, not too fast or too slow
This is a summary of our understanding of the dyeing process of red ear raw cattle in the past six years.
Inheriting the authentic features and craftsmanship of the original cow, with the promotion price so that you all realize
Efforts should be made to make good products.The craftsmanship of the national cattle, we are no worse than the Japanese cattle
Red ear cattle pants will gradually become lighter with the daily wear
Form your own color effect and texture
There's an essential difference between regular jeans on the market.
Jeans develop good friends after our review and approval
We can also double the price and give a new cow as a gift.
Recycled jeans will be displayed at our "dipped sauce" store in Beijing 798
For visitors to visit and appreciate, to see the real effect
Fabric:Indigo 12.5 oz, Black 13.5 oz
Classic red rims, vintage imported looms, preshrink fabrics preshrink
Red ear: Red red ear
Hardware:Dark black brass plating (hourglass LOGO)
Leather standard:full grain cow leathe
Version:Slim down

"Zipper version" light pound classic hundred pants type,Medium waist, base
Price is the industry conscience.,This price is for brand promotion only.
The fabric is a typical tannin fabric of SZ Company.
More suitable for the public experience, slight bone twisting phenomenon
Selection of the 1950s antique weaving machine

A little error is measured by hand. The data are for reference only.




1, you can change the length of trousers free of charge, Please consider the length of pants shrink, after modification can not be changed
2, size: unit (cm) manual measurement has a slight error
3, non-pre-shrinkage version has a moderate amount of shrinkage, pants long about shrinkage 3-6cm (except for pre-shrinkage)
Shrinkage size is affected by water temperature and washing method
please Do not use shrinkage reference data as a reason for returning or exchanging goods
Buy a larger size appropriately
If you use a washing machine or Warm water, The shrinkage rate will increase to a certain extent.
The shrinkage rate is adjusted by water temperature. The higher the water temperature, the greater the shrinkage rate (do not use boiled water)

Pre-shrinkage slightly, the length of de-starched pants shrink about 2CM

Normal (do not be used as a reason to return)

Cotton has tenacity and tension.

After washing the amount of shrinkage (especially waist circumference, leg circumference) with the wearing activity will be propped up to support the big

All friends who play with the original cow please understand

Imported Gudongzhibujichierdanning fabric production

Black and Indigo

Primary red copper collision nail, untreated by electroplating, red copper original color

As you wear old clothes, the details of the oxidized hardware will become more texture.

High quality process details alignment, 3 chains

Quality far beyond the conventional denim brand

It takes more time to process the details.

The back pocket bulges the details, and the color behind will be the first to reflect the layering

Crotch reinforcement, whole jeans over 10 additional reinforcement

Special early embedding Union, sewing




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