Kitchen Pro Double-Sided Knife Sharpener

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Double Sided 1000/6000 Grit Whetstone Pro Knife Sharpener Sharpening Stones w/Angle Guide & Bamboo Holder

Product Name : 
XINZUO Double-sided Sharpening Stones

Brand : XINZUO

Material : High quality white corundum

Mohs Hardness : 9

Size : 180*60*30mm

Net weight : 638G

Grindstone Mesh : # 1000, coarse grind ;  #6000, accurate grinding

Accessories :  Bamboo Holder , Non-slip Rubber Base , Angle Guide

Tips : Please immerse the whetstone into the water for five minutes before using, thank you !


Kitchen Pro Double-Sided Knife SharpenerKitchen Pro Double-Sided Knife Sharpener345678910

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