Kid's Simulation Electric Saxophone Trumpet Clarinet Early Education Music Toys

Color: Red
Style: Trumpet
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Kid's Simulation Electric Saxophone Trumpet Clarinet Early Education Music Toys



1. Through the cooperation of real blowing and playing, experience real blowing. Enlighten children's music recognition ability, and exercise the baby's lung capacity and finger coordination ability. Children can get relaxed, fun and fulfilling.
2. The sound quality is clear and unambiguous, and it also has 5 levels of adjustable volume. It can also be played at a low volume to help children sleep. The baby’s favorite colorful colors are used, and there are 6 levels of light. Pause at any time during playback.
3. Use safe and high-quality ABS material, and use rounded corners to fully protect the safety of children
4:. 3 AA batteries are required for the power supply (not provided)
5 saxophones can be played, 8 scales can be played, there are 10 types of wind, solo, and ensemble repertoire, and 6 types of rhythm repertoire.
The clarinet can be played, there are 8 scales to play, there are 14 kinds of wind, solo and ensemble repertoire, 6 kinds of rhythm repertoire.
The trumpet has three scales to play, 14 kinds of wind, ensemble, and solo repertoire. 6 kinds of rhythm repertoire.

Material: Plastic
Ability training: Emotional, visual, intellectual development, hands and brain, grasp, hand-eye coordination, other ability training, interactive toys, hearing, parent-child communication, interest training
Suitable age: 1-6 years old
Clarinet color: coral red, ivory white
Saxophone color: turquoise green, coral red
Trumpet color: Begonia red, light blue
Size: Clarinet 9.5X9.5X37cm/3.74X3.74X14.57inch
Saxophone: 16.7X11.5X29.5cm/6.57X4.53X11.6inch
trumpet: 19X10X28cm/7.48x3.94x11.0inch
Package Weight: Clarinet: 312.5g/11.0oz
Saxophone: 395.8g/13.97oz
trumpet: 395.8g/13.97oz


Package Content:
1 x Simulation Instruments





Children Simulation Electric Saxophone Trumpet Clarinet Early Education Music Toys


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