Women Long Natural Fox Winter Fur Overcoat Vest

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Color: 1 Natural
Size: L Bust 95CM
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Women's Fashion 90 cm XL Long Winter Fox Fur Vest

Real Fur Coat with Pockets Woman Natural Fox Fur Coats Female Thick X-Long Genuine Fox Fur Jacket For Women

Item Style: Vest/Gilet/ Fox fur jacket coat 

Long fox fur vest Colors: Natural white, grey, black, deep grey

Material: 100% Genuine Fox Fur (This is made of whole piece fox fur ) Ranch fox fur not wildlife animals 

Sizes:M L XL XXL  (we also have others colors in stock and accept the wholesale, if you have any questions ,just feel free to ask us ) 
Get in style before the Holidays with this hot outerwear today!



All of them are in stock now! Won't Miss them for Christmas & New Year's Dress Style 

Women Long Natural Fox Winter Fur Overcoat Vest

Women Long Natural Fox Winter Fur Overcoat Vest




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*Anti-moist and ant-heat-Fur bigger enemy is the sun and moisture, so it is important to avoid direct sunlight and hot humid places when placing the fur 

*Avoid chemicals-Don't use the perfume and har spray once wearing fur products, as these chemicals alcoholic will make fur to be dry

*Accidents handing-If fur is wet by rain or water, do not intent to use a hair dryer, as the fur can not be exposed to heat. You could hang the wet fur products in a dry place, let it to be dryed naturally.



Rabbit fur- Excellent top rated rabbit fur feather: Fiber,slender,shiny,soft,fluffy,warm and strong

Rex rabbit fur-Rich plush,smooth and flexible,shiny,handing feeling is soft and confident. if you want soft, this is the best choise

Fox fur- Long hair with rich plush,flexible and smooth,thick skin plate,soft,exquisite,luxurious and beautiful. 

Raccoon fur-Rich plush and long hair with natural luster. Warm.

Mink Fur - Hair is upright to the skin, surface looks neat, plush density is moderate wih good luster




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