Wireless Bluetooth LED 10W RGB E27 Color Change Smart Bulb

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Emitting Color: E27 RGB CW
Wattage: 10w
Number of LED Chip: Light bulb 1 pcs
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Wireless Bluetooth Smart Bulb LED 10W RGB Magic Lamp E27 Color Change Light Bulb Smart Home Lighting Compatible IOS /Android



Flyidea LED bulbs are rated as non-hazardous to the skin and eyes due to their photochemical UV hazards, so you can use them with confidence.

LED Chip Hybrid Bin Process

The Flyidea LED chip's hybrid Bin process test makes the light source produce light close to the color temperature of natural light, and color temperature drift is not easy to occur for a long time.

High color rendering reduction index

Ra85 * for Flyidea LED bulbs has a high color rendering index.

No retinal blue light hazard

Blue light can penetrate the lens and reach the retina, Cause optical damage to the retina,This damage can cause vision loss, And it is irreversible. Flyidea bulbs use high-quality LED chips, Take care of your eyes from harm and let you relax and enjoy your bright life.

We chose daylight white (5700K) and warm white light(2700K) as the illumination color temperature. This color temperature reduces blue light and protects you and your family's eyes Cold white (5700K): Cold white light has a higher lumen and color rendering, widely used in the our life. Warm white (2700K): Warm white light suitable to create a warm and sweet place, like the cafe, bars, family, etc.

APP controls brightness and color.

Through the mobile APP control, you can adjust the brightness and color of the Flyidea smart bulb by gently sliding your finger on the interface. Brightness from 1% to 100%, 16 million colors infinitely adjustable. Let you do whatever you want to find your own light.

Brighter and cheaper

Compared with traditional incandescent lamps, annual electricity bills can save about 84%, and meet your exquisite life with less costs.

Advanced design, safety guarantee

Bluetooth bulb parameter:

Bluetooth bulb feature: Works with iOS 8.0 or higher and Android 4.3 or higher. Bluetooth bulb Requires a Bluetooth 4.0 compatible device. You can search for "Happy Lighting" in google play or APP Store to download the software, or scan the QR code on the package to download. Support voice: Russian, German, Italian, French, English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese. Remind: 1. If the first connection to the bulb is unsuccessful, please allow "HappyLighting" to access your location and try again. 2.Because it is limited by the Bluetooth protocol of the mobile phone: Maximum number of connections for Android devices: 4 bulbs. Maximum number of connections for IOS devices: 6 bulbs. 3.Does not support Alexa and Google Assistant.

WiFi bulb parameter:

Works with iOS 8.0 or higher and Android 4.3 or higher. Need to work under the router's WiFi frequency band is 2.4G. Use APP to control the light (Scan the QR code on the package todownload the free APP: Magic Home-Smart Home ) Control from anywhere: use the APP (compatible with Android and iOS) and you can turn your lights on or off anytime and anywhere with your smartphone Supports Alexa and Google Assistant. Remind: 1. If the first connection to the bulb is unsuccessful, Please confirm that the wifi signal band is 2.4G and as close as possible to the device.Try again.


1. Be sure to turn off the power before inserting or removing the lamp from the lamp holder. 2. Do not remove the lamp immediately after use. Allow the bulb to cool to room temperature before removing it. 3. Can be used outdoors, but make sure that the metal head will not get wet in the rain.

The last time you turn off the light, the light bulb will help you remember the color of the light bulb so you can use it better.

All-inclusive Lampshade:

Light bulbs are fully enclosed lampshades that do not accumulate dust and allowmosquitoes to fly into damaged lamp beads and chips.

Buy Light bulb 2pcs, Light bulb 4pcs set, buy more and save more. careful calculation and strict budgeting, to meet the replacement needs of various types of lamps in your home, every place in the home, there is a good light to accompany you.

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