Kids Luminous Fluorescent - 2pk. Shoelaces

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Kids Luminous Fluorescent - 2pk. Shoelaces 



The shoelace is a fluorescent night-light shoelace without electrons. It will light up after five to ten minutes with a strong light at night. The light-emitting time varies from 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on the light absorption.
The day is not luminous, and can not compare with the electronic luminous shoelace, this will darker. It has the advantage of no need for electronic follow-up costs, can be washed many times, cleaning does not affect the luminous effect!Kids Luminous Fluorescent Shoelaces - 2pk.

Material: cotton
Size: 120cm,100cm
Color:  Pink / Blue / White / Green
Package Contents: 2pcs Fashion Sport Luminous Toys

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