5D Diamond Painting Cat DIY Embroidery Full Square Animal Decor Mosaic Full Kit

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Color: 5473
Size: 20x30cm Square Drill
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5D Diamond Painting Cat DIY Embroidery Full Square Animal Decor Mosaic Full Kit 




We have been in the diamond painting industry for 6 years. In the past 6 years, we have clearly understood what we want to do.

We offer high quality diamond paintings, Our diamond paintings will have more colors, more details and better effects, as well as luxurious and easy to use tools. you will love it.


Some sellers are competing for low prices, prices are getting lower and lower, and product quality is getting worse. There are also some sellers whose products are outrageously high in price, claiming that the quality is very good. In fact, the product does not match the actual value and will only waste money. Because they don't have their own factories, just agents.




Our advantages: Each painting has more colors matching the diamond painting,better details and effects

Product name:AZQSD Diamond Painting Cat DIY 5D Picture Of Rhinestones Full Kits Diamond Embroidery Mosaic Full Square Aniaml Decor For Home 

Diamond type:You Can Choose  Round Diamond Or Square Diamond

About diamond quantity: We put 30% extra diamonds in every zip bags of diamonds








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